Route 22 Honda – Hillside, NJ

Customer: Route 22 Honda
Location: Hillside, NJ
Products: Vehicle Gate
Installation date: 2008
Save: At least 2 times
 FloodBreak Automatic Floodgate protects below grade garage from flood damage

Route 22 Honda is an automobile dealership in Hillside, NJ, 15 miles west of New York City.  The Honda dealer keeps a large inventory in an underground garage below the showroom.  This garage is susceptible to street flooding. Vehicles were damaged when they couldn’t be moved to higher ground prior to a street flood event.

Route 22 Honda management researched flood control products and decided to install the FloodBreak® Automatic system. The 16’ vehicular gate was easily retrofitted at the top of the garage ramp and provides permanent flood protection, 24/7 without the need for human intervention or power.

There have been two known flood events that automatically deployed the FloodBreak Vehicle Gate and kept floodwater from flowing down the ramp and into the garage. Not only where the parked vehicles protected but also the dealership saw a reduction in the insurance deductible from $100,00 to $10,000.

Customer Quote
Since we purchased the FloodBreak system in 2008 we have had no issues with flooding.  It has deployed twice, immediately paying for itself in protecting our property!  As a result, our insurer has reduced the deductible of our policy from $100,000 to $10,000.

Again, thank you four your wonderful product!”  – Ignazio Giuffre, Executive Vice President