FloodBreak Saves: Before and After

FloodBreak® Automatic Floodgates are proven flood protection.  FloodBreak passive barriers automatically deployed at Dallas Love Field to protect against an unexpected flash flood during the Memorial Day 2015 overnight rain event. At least two Houston area customers also saw their passive FloodBreak barriers automatically deploy to protect against the overnight street flooding.

Dallas Love Field – Dallas, TX

Dallas Love Field protected by hidden passive FloodBreak barrierFloodBreak passive automatic flood barrier protects terminal

Royal Orleans Condo – Dallas, TX

Royal Orleans Condo- DRYpassive automatic flood barriers deploy and save garage from flooding

Kensington Gate Garage – Great Neck, NY  Read the success story
FloodBreak passive floodgate will deploy automatically without human intervention or power FloodBreak Vehicle Gate automatically deployedFloodBreak passive flood barrier deployed automatically to prevent flooding

Bayshore Medical Center Loading Dock – Pasadena, TX  Read the success story
FloodBreak automatic flood barrier deployed to block street floodingFloodBreak protected Bayshore Medical during Hurricane Ike floodingFloodBreak Automatic Vehicle Gate protects Bayshore Medical loading dock

Union Endicott HS Floodwall – Endicott, NY
FloodBreak passive floodgate protects floodwall openingFloodBreak Pedestrian Gate designed 10' tall to close opening in floodwall during floodingFloodBreak floodgates holds back heavy flooding

FloodBreak pedestrian gates close openingss in floodwallFloodBreak pedestrian gate deployed during flooding

Route 22 Honda Underground Garage – Hillside, NJ  Read the success story
FloodBreak Vehicle Gate deployed to prevent flood damageFloodBreak Automatic Floodgate provides 24/7 flood protection

Private Driveway Entrance – Kenilworth, IL  Read the success story
FloodBreak passive vehicle floodgate provides 24/7 flood protection and is architecturally blended into the stoneworkFloodBreak deployed to prevent street flooding to flow down driveway and flood the structure

Lourdes Hospital Floodwall Openings – Binghamton, NY  Read the success story
FloodBreak passive flood barriers protect vehicle entrances to parkingFloodBreak passive flood barriers blocked floodwaters from damaging the hospitalFloodBreak passive flood barrier allows full access to the facility until flooding is imminentFloodBreak held back the floodwaters to save Lourdes HospitalFloodBreak passive floodgates provide protection for parking lots located in the floodplainFloodBreak passive flood barriers protected Lourdes Hospital during 2011 Flood