Passive Flood Protection for Campuses

FloodBreak® flood barriers are the perfect flood control solution for hospital, corporate and university campuses.

FloodBreak has a range of automatic floodgates to meet the flood control requirements for your campus. Custom designed to fit flood openings, these passive flood barriers provide 24/7 flood protection, without the need for human intervention or power.
FloodBreak passive flood barrier protects pedestrian opening to lower campusFloodBreak pedestrian gate blends into the campus architecture
You won’t have to ensure that personnel are available around the clock to actively deploy flood prevention doors, logs or panels. FloodBreak passive flood barriers can also be covered to blend into the existing architecture while providing flood protection with the structural strength to support pedestrian, vehicular or heavy equipment traffic.

passive protection 24/7passive flood protectionFloodBreak protects 24/7Campis flood protectionpassive flood protection

See how FloodBreak passive flood barriers are being used to protect campuses from flooding. Campus Solutions.