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FloodBreak® Automatic Floodgates are the ideal flood control solution for garages and other heavy traffic entrances.

You no longer have to risk flood damage to parked cars or prematurely close entrances because a flood might happen. If a flood comes, you’re protected. If you’re fortunate and don’t encounter flooding, your garage will have remained fully operational and you won’t have had to use resources to close those access points.

FloodBreak flood barriers are custom sized to your opening and provide permanent flood protection 24/7 without the need for human intervention or power.  The floodgate remains recessed underground at the entrance and is deployed by the rising floodwaters.

Designed for HS-25 loading, FloodBreak automatic flood barrier can take the wear and tear of heavy vehicles.

FloodBreak Garage Saves

MD Anderson | Houston, NYTX

Brickell City Centre | Miami, FL

Graue Mill & Museum | Oak Brook, IL

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