Levee Solutions


FloodBreak® passive flood barriers can solve your levee elevation and closure challenges.

The FloodBreak Roadway Gate is designed to provide permanent flood protection for levee openings and crossings.

The FloodBreak FreeView Levee Topper enables levees to be raised for recertification and FEMA accreditation without blocking views or extending the levee footprint.

Like all FloodBreak passive flood mitigation products, these flood barriers deploy automatically, lifted by the power of rising floodwaters, to protect to the design elevation.  They don’t require human intervention or power to deploy.  Permanently installed, they provide 24/7 protection but remain hidden unless flooding occurs.

Roadway Gates for levee elevation

Miles of levees must be raised to meet new FEMA requirements. FloodBreak Roadway Gates were designed to provide passive flood protection that will meet the new levee elevations without raising miles of roadway or rebuilding bridges. Rated for HS-25 loading,  they are covered with durable material to withstand the demands of high-speed highway traffic.  Learn how the IBWC is using FloodBreak Roadway Gates to raise their levees.

FreeView™ Flood Barrier

The FreeView Levee Topper is part of the FreeView Flood Barrier product line and designed to preserve water access and views using the same passive automatic technology as standard FloodBreak flood barriers. The FVLT is designed specifically for levees, and is suitable for riverine or coastal applications. There is no practical length limitation – the modular, self-supporting design enables long straight continuous runs without stanchions or supports.


IBWC Notavo | Notavo, CA

Sacramento River | Sacramento, TX

IBWC Canutilli | Canutillo, TX

Ford House | Alexandria, VA

IBWC Sugarland | Sugarland, TX

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