Advantages of Passive Flood Barriers

Why Passive Flood Barriers?

When choosing a flood barrier system for your flood control project, passive flood barriers not only reduce the risk of flood damage, they also provide lower total cost of ownership.

FloodBreak Passive Flood Barriers have distinct advantages compared to active closures

Lower cost of ownership

Active flood barriers, particularly demountable systems like flood panels, flood logs and inflatables, may have a lower purchase price, but have you considered what the true costs are over time?

Consider that those active flood control products must be transported to and from the flood opening, folded or stacked, and then stored between flood events. Not to mention mandatory annual planning and training as part of an Emergency Plan.

chart showing the cost of passive flood gatesIncreased Flood Protection

Not only do active flood protection measures cost more and require more logistics, but they are also dependent on physical manpower to properly protect your assets from flooding. Our passive flood gates, which are activated by water, are not.

When you consider all the factors and the attendant risks associated with them, passive flood barriers, which protect your facility 24/7 without human intervention or power, are a much better flood control solution.

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