Roadway Gate

Flood Gates That Automatically Deploy

The FloodBreak® Roadway Gate is a fully-engineered, passive automatic flood mitigation system. The gate is designed to ensure continuous traffic service and endure heavy use on local roads and highways.

There is no practical height or length limitation. FloodBreak automatic floodgates are designed to fit any roadway specifications.

FloodBreak Automatic Floodgate is used to raise community levee across roadway
Like all FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates, the roadway gate provides permanent flood control and is hidden underground to allow uninterrupted vehicle traffic until deployed by floodwaters. Once installed, there is no need for human-driven flood prevention methods.

FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates provide a lower cost alternative to raising roadways to elevate leveesRoadway

A cost effective alternative to raising roads and bridges for levee elevation.

Raising miles of road can be very expensive.

The FloodBreak Roadway Gate is a cost effective solution for communities seeking to extend, raise, or re-certify their levee systems and bring them into compliance with FEMA accreditation criteria.

Our Roadway floodgates provide a proven, money-saving solution to flooding. Not only that, the flood gate is also easy to install, helping to accelerate project completion.

Learn how the IBWC is using FloodBreak Roadway Gates to help elevate levees along the Rio Grande.

FloodBreak Roadway Gates are designed to withstand heavy highway traffic and are rated for HS-25 loading.

FloodBreak Roadway Gates are designed for HS-25 loading and long service lifeHeavy traffic riding over a FloodBreak Roadway Gate in Hidalgo County

Specially coated for extreme wear conditions and designed for HS-25 loading. 

Roads and highways take a lot of damage.

Floodbreak’s products, including our roadway gate, are engineered for decades of service life in demanding outdoor environments.

Unlike many temporary flood mitigation products, Floodbreak’s are built to last no matter the weather or conditions. All components are specified so that rust or corrosion is not a factor even in harsh environments such as road salt or salt water.

Protected under patent US 6,623,209