Vehicle Gate

Protects Your Vehicles From Flooding

The FloodBreak® Vehicle Gate provides permanent flood protection, 24/7, without human intervention or power. Permanently installed and nearly invisible beneath entryways, FloodBreak automatic flood barriers protect virtually any vulnerable flood path while allowing unimpeded access to your facility.

FloodBreak Vehicle Gate provides permanent passive protection FloodBreak passive floodgates are part of the hospital's flood mitigationFloodBreak passive floodgates protect MD Anderson building

Permanent flood protection without human intervention or power.

FloodBreak Vehicle Gates provide permanent flood protection while keeping important service areas open to vehicles until an actual flood event happens. There is no need to shut down your facility prematurely. The FloodBreak flood barrier is automatically deployed by the floodwaters.

As the water begins to rise, the flood gate flips up. When the floodwaters recede, the floodgate returns to it’s hidden, underground position.

FloodBreak Vehicle Gates provide flood protection and full access to the facility

FloodBreak Vehicle Gates are rated for HS-25 loading.

FloodBreak Vehicle Gates provides permanent flood protection and full vehicle access

FloodBreak gives you full access to your facility.

The FloodBreak barrier system is designed for long service life and minimal maintenance.

The FloodBreak Vehicle Gate is built to last. Rated for HS-25 loading, the FloodBreak Vehicle Gate (like all FloodBreak products) is engineered for decades of service life in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance.

All components are specified so that rust or corrosion is not a factor even in harsh environments such as road salt or salt water.

The FloodBreak Vehicle Gate provides full time flood protection and full access for commercial buildings, including service entrances, loading docks equipment bays, and more.

FloodBreak Vehicle Gates blend into the architectural design. 

Peace of mind is important.

FloodBreak automatic floodgates can use existing smooth surface sidewalls, like the granite that is integral to the MD Anderson campus’ architectural beauty.

Other options include painting the aluminum wiper wallskinning it with stainless  or embedding it into a flood wall. Regardless of your building’s design, FloodBreak is permanent flood protection that blends right in.

We make sure you stay protected from flooding without constantly being reminded about it.

FloodBreak installations blend with existing architecture     FloodBreak passive floodgates uses granite for sidewalls

FloodBreak automatic floodgates protect assets from flood water

FloodBreak flood wall blends in to commercial real estate

Protected under patent US 6,623,209