Vent Shaft Flood Protection

Permanent Flood Solution For Vent Shafts

The FloodBreak® Vent Shaft System is a versatile flood control product line that will protect a variety of vulnerable openings above and below grade from flood damage. 

Initially designed as a flood control solution for the MTA NYCT to protect subway vent shafts, the elegant design can be applied to a wide range of mitigation projects. passive flood protection for vent shaftsFlood protection for vulnerable openings

Applications: underground rooms, subway vent shafts, fan plants, generators, pumping stations, building moats, below & above grade windows.

Flood protection for below grade openings 

close up of original vent shaft system The original FloodBreak Vent Shaft System ( FB-VSS ) was designed for the MTA to passively protect subway system vent shafts from being inundated as a result of localized street flooding. The mechanical closure device fits securely beneath street-level grates and prevents floodwater from pouring through the vent shaft to the stations underground. Protected by patent US 8,033,753

Vent shaft being inserted below walkway FloodBreak can design passive vent protection for virtually any vulnerable opening and can meet unique requirements for air flow, light or access. This unit was designed to allow facilities personnel to perform maintenance in a shallow bay without having to stoop over while working.
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Coastal surge protection for critical infrastructure

MTA tests FloodBreak vent shaftAs a result of Superstorm Sandy, the MTA requested a 2nd generation closure device to protect against coastal storm surge. The new device ( FB-VSC ) is a design that will protect to 14’ water head and allows NYCT personnel to quickly deploy the MCD units when the MTA implements emergency storm preparedness plans.
Protected by patent US 9,752,342

FloodBreak® Louvered Vent Panel (FB-VSL)

VSL_conceptual drawing_exterior ventsThe FloodBreak Louvered Vent Panel provides permanent flood protection with minimal airflow disruption for vulnerable fan plants, vents and window openings, above and below grade. The passive vent panel system is a series of buoyant louvered panels enclosed within an aluminum box and shelf structure providing protection to the designed flood elevation.

As the floodwater rises, the panels “float” into position, lifted by the water. Wiper seals stop the water from going around the panel edges. Protected by patent US 10,072,436

Only panels affected by the flood are raised leaving the remaining louvers open in minor flood events. 

Custom sized to fit any vulnerable vent opening regardless of height or length, the system can utilize a single panel or a series of panels and can be installed either inside an existing vent opening or surface mounted. It can be covered with wire mesh or be installed behind existing gratings.

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FloodBreak single gated passive automatic vent panel Passive automatic vent panel protects vent opening