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FloodBreak® is the perfect flood control solution for hospital, corporate and university campuses.

FloodBreak has a range of automatic floodgates to meet the specific flood control requirements for your campus. Custom designed to fit the exact specifications of your openings and provide around the clock flood protection, FloodBreak passive flood barriers can be covered to blend into the existing architecture while providing 24/7 flood protection with the structural strength to support pedestrian, vehicular or heavy equipment traffic.

M D Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, TX

This world class cancer center knew they needed to protect their campus from flooding in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison which had devastated the Texas Medical Center. FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates protect vulnerable floodpaths and are architecturally blended into the beautiful MD Anderson campus, providing permanent yet virtually invisible flood control without the need for human intervention or power.

FloodBreak flip up flood gates
FloodBreak protects 25+ openings at UH campus

University of Houston – Houston, TX

This top tier public research university in Houston, Texas educates nearly 40,000 students annually but its sprawling campus is susceptible to flash flooding. Forward-thinking leaders recognized the benefits of protecting the campus with passive flood barriers that will automatically deploy during flooding but remain hidden and allow pedestrians and vehicles to move freely until a flood event. FloodBreak has protected the UH campus since 2001.

FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates prevent floodwaters from flowing into the UH University CenterFloodBreak pasive flood barriers prevent flooding of University CenterFloodBreak passive floodgate protects campus doorways

 University of Colorado – Boulder, CO

This spectacular campus in Boulder, CO sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and is susceptible to flash flooding.  To protect people and property from floods, CU-Boulder has undertaken a process to improve their flood control and protect vulnerable pathways campus-wide. FloodBreak automatic flood barriers have been chosen to replaced active flood doors that required maintenance personnel to deploy or were always in the closed position, making it difficult for students to continually push open.  FloodBreak’s passive flood barrier system protects against flooding, 24/7, while also remaining hidden beneath the entryways and providing full access until a flood event occurs.

FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates are replacing active flood barriers at this world class university campusCU Boulder now has 24/7, passive flood protection thanks to our flood wallsFloodBreak passive flood barriers are being installed to protect the campus against floodingpermanent passive flood protection

Lourdes Hospital – Binghamton, NY

This critical care hospital in Binghamton, NY was forced to shut operations as a result of catastrophic flooding in 2006. With funding from FEMA, FloodBreak passive floodgates were included as part of a flood mitigation solution that saved the hospital from historic flooding in 2011. The hospital was able to remain open thanks to the floodwall and 13 FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates.

FloodBreak Floodgates protect Lourdes Hospital campus from 2011 Flood

UTMB – Galveston, TX

The University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston is a 100 acre healthcare campus on Galveston Island that was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike.  Flood mitigation measures were approved by FEMA to reduce the threat to critical hospital functions from future storm events. Thirteen passive flood barriers have been installed at the Primary Care Pavillion.

Offering Commercial Flood Protection Methods

automatic floodgates protect hospitalautomatic floodgates protect hospital