“It’s structural. It’s incredibly strong, but it lays in the ground. And it’s so simple. It just floats up.”


The FloodBreak® Automatic Floodgate was recently featured in Business Insider.  The media platform interviewed FloodBreak President and Founder, Lou Waters, to discuss how the revolutionary technology protects communities from natural disasters without human intervention.

The Business Insider feature ie entitled: How an automatic floodgate is helping communities against natural disasters

  • The FloodBreak passive automatic  floodgate can work in flash floods and areas that are unprepared for natural disasters.
  • It uses the hydrostatic pressure of the flood water, the gate does not need to be controlled or operated by people.

FloodBreak floodgates were deployed during Hurricane Harvey in Houston saving numerous commercial buildings, hospitals and other assets. Read more.

FloodBreak automatic gates have deployed in dozens of locations including Norfolk VA, Bloomsburg PA, Alexandria VA, Hillside NJ, Great Neck NY, Davenport IA, Solon OH, Dallas TX, Oklahoma City OK, Chicago IL and Houston TX.

Read more about the revolutionary passive technology that deploys the self rising panel without human intervention or power.


FloodBreak flood barriers deploy automatically in PA


Three FloodBreak® passive automatic floodgates are part of an EDA infrastructure investment that helped protect major manufacturers in Bloomsburg PA.

In September of 2011, Tropical Storm Lee caused catastrophic flooding in the Town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Almost a third of the community was underwater including two major employers who suffered heavy damage. After the 2011 event and following flooding in 2004, 2005 & 2006, local community leaders worked with EDA to obtain disaster recovery funding that was used to build a floodwall to protect vital business infrastructure. FloodBreak passive automatic floodgates were installed at 3 vehicle entrances in the floodwall. These closure devices remain open during dry times allow full access while providing 24/7 flood protection.

During the August 13, 2018 flood event the FloodBreak barriers deployed automatically without human intervention or power to prevent flood inundation from river flooding. Read the EDA success story here.

The automatic deployments are the latest in a long list of verified flood saves. A year ago, in August 2017, FloodBreak barriers protected over a dozen Houston area customers during the unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey. In fact FloodBreak flood barriers protected Houston customers during Tax Day 2016 and Memorial Day 2015 floods.

FloodBreak has dozens of verified flood saves including some customers who have been protected multiple times.

Notable was Lourdes Hospital, located on the Susequehanna River upstream from Bloomsburg, which was saved during the 20111 flood by ten (10) FloodBreak automatic flood gates installed in 2010.

NJ dealership saved again from flash flooding

The FloodBreak® passive flood barrier installed in 2008, once again protected Route 22 Honda, a Hillside, NJ Honda dealership, when flash floods came unexpectedly again this summer.  The FloodBreak Vehicle Gate deployed automatically. lifted by the fast rising floodwaters caused by a slow-moving thunderstorm that inundated  sections of Route 22 in Union County, NJ forcing road closure.  Fortunately, Route 22 Honda was protected from damage to vehicles parked in their underground garage, just as they were protected during two previous flood events.

The Honda dealer is no stranger to flooding as they have experienced floods in past years including in 2010 when their decision to install a FloodBreak Automatic Floodgate paid for itself when it protected their property and helped reduce insurance premiums.

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