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FloodBreak’s passive automatic flood barriers provide permanent flood protection to museums, libraries, schools, and other educational facilities without the need for human intervention or power. Whether as perimeter barriers or building closures, FloodBreak protects 24/7. 

Building aesthetics are often important and project teams often select architectural treatments to match the flood barrier surfaces to the surrounding area. Building occupants and visitors will hardly notice the gates that are protecting the vulnerable openings.

As with all FloodBreak passive products, these automatic flood barriers do not impede access until an actual flood event.

Project Examples:

automatic floodgate protects art museum
MFAH floodgates
permanent flood protection for theaters
VSl at alley theater

Notable Project: Museum of Fine Arts Houston

FloodBreak was selected to protect the major expansion of the Museum of Fine Arts – Houston with 4 passive automatic flood barriers installed at the recently completed Kinder Building and the Glassell School of Art which opened in 2018.  

Houston is no stranger to flooding having experienced four significant events since the Memorial Day 2015 Flood. It counts as its customers nearby Menil Institute, Bayou Bend, Alley Theatre and the historic Rosenberg Library in Galveston. All told, there are over 120 passive FloodBreak floodgates in the Houston area and all have operated as designed to protect assets during flood events with many deploying multiple times.

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