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Passive Flood Barriers For Buildings & Garages

For almost two decades, FloodBreak has worked to ensure that small, medium, and large commercial properties are protected from flood water damage. Our passive perimeter flood barriers allow businesses to operate without having to shut down for extensive periods of time whether in preparation for possible flood events or in the aftermath of a natural disaster, heavy rainfall, or flash flood. 

Return To Normal Operations As Fast As Possible

Being able to immediately return to normal operations after a flood event is an advantage that our commercial partners recognize and prevents expensive restoration projects. 

We believe flood protection should reduce flood risk but not disrupt business or burden personnel. Because FloodBreak flood barriers utilize passive-automatic technology, they lay dormant underground until activated by rising floodwater. This means there is no business disruption and normal pedestrian or vehicular activity can continue until an actual flood event occurs.

Project Examples:

brickell garage floodgate
automatic floodgate on ramp
luxury hotel protected by flood barrier
factory floodgates

Notable Project: 3000 Post Oak

On Memorial Day 2015, 3000 Post Oak’s garage completely flooded due to high rainfall. The buildings tenant, Bechtel Engineering, reached out to FloodBreak to find a permanent flood proofing solution.

The solution included 4 vehicle gates and 1 pedestrian gate to protect their garage, including one large gate at the entrance to the building’s loading dock. Before installation was completed, another flood event occurred on Tax Day. Despite this, the floodgate deployed properly and protected the garage.

During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, al 5 gates came up to successfully protect the property from flood damage.

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