Unexpected Flooding. 24/7 Protection. Peace of Mind.

Unexpected Flooding.
24/7 Protection.
Peace of Mind.

Tropical Storm Imelda brought unexpected heavy rain and flooding to parts of southeastern Texas. FloodBreak® passive automatic gates were ready.Heavy rain caused street flooding in Bellaire, TX, threatening below grade garages at 610 Loop office buildings including the new home for FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates, the Texas based manufacturer of passive automatic flood barrier systems that protect dozens of properties around Houston and are installed at thousands of vulnerable openings worldwide.

Fortunately, the building owners, SLS Properties, had 4 FloodBreak Vehicle Gates to prevent flooding of their garage. All 4 flood gates deployed during the flood event protecting tenant vehicles parked in the garage.  When the rain subsided and floodwaters receded, the floodgates returned to their hidden position at the top of the driveway & vehicles could exit.

When the rain subsided and floodwaters receded, the floodgates returned to their hidden position at the top of the driveway & vehicles could exit.

Dozens of FloodBreak automatic gates deployed around Houston when the flash flooding from Imelda threatened vulnerable assets.  Many like the gates at 3000 Post Oak had prevented flood inundation during Harvey & Tax Day flooding. Read about Harvey Saves

FloodBreak passive automatic are designed for these conditions and provide owners with peace of mind knowing that protection is not dependent upon their facilities personnel mobilizing to close gates, locate and assemble flood planks or pile sandbags.  FloodBreak barriers are passive automatic – they deploy without human intervention or power. Read more about How it Works.

NJ dealership saved again from flash flooding

The FloodBreak® passive flood barrier installed in 2008, once again protected Route 22 Honda, a Hillside, NJ Honda dealership, when flash floods came unexpectedly again this summer.  The FloodBreak Vehicle Gate deployed automatically. lifted by the fast rising floodwaters caused by a slow-moving thunderstorm that inundated  sections of Route 22 in Union County, NJ forcing road closure.  Fortunately, Route 22 Honda was protected from damage to vehicles parked in their underground garage, just as they were protected during two previous flood events.

The Honda dealer is no stranger to flooding as they have experienced floods in past years including in 2010 when their decision to install a FloodBreak Automatic Floodgate paid for itself when it protected their property and helped reduce insurance premiums.

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FloodBreak Passive Floodgates included in two FEMA Best Practices stories

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has included FloodBreak in two Mitigation Best Practices stories to showcase projects that show how others have taken action to reduce or prevent future damage from disasters like flooding.

  • Columbus Regional Hospital, IN – Flood mitigation best practice story
  • Lourdes Hospital, NY – Flood mitigation best practices story
Columbus Regional Hospital – Columbus, IN

Columbus Regional Hospital was inundated by an unprecedented flash flood in 2008 that forced evacuation and sustained $180 million in damages. Columbus Regional Hospital swamped by unexpected flash flood

As a critical lifeline entity, FEMA and Columbus Regional Hospital determined that passive flood mitigation measures should be installed since relocation was not financially practicable. A flood barrier system encircling the hospital was deemed the most cost effective and reasonable solution.  A 2,400 foot floodwall was built two feet higher than the 100-year flood elevation and includes 15 passive FloodBreak floodgates at all entry points, which allow unimpeded access by vehicles and pedestrians unless a flood event happens. The FloodBreak passive floodgates provide permanent, flood protection 24/7 but blend into the hospital architectural environment.

FloodBreak Vehicle Gate is built into the flood wall as part of a flood mitigation

Lourdes Hospital – Binghamton, NY

Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, NY was devastated by a flood in 2006 but the FEMA funded flood mitigation project protected the hospital from the historic 2011 Flood.  A flood wall with passive floodgates provided the flood control necessary to keep the hospital open.

A FEMA funded floodwall with 11 FloodBreak Floodgates prevented catastrophic flood damage