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Flood Protection For Government Properties

Flood risk threatens federal and county courthouses, city halls, embassies, transportation infrastructure, and various other government buildings. FloodBreak passive automatic floodgates protect government agency properties & assets around the world.  

Our innovative flood protection technology ensures that these assets are protected 24/7.  Our floodgates are self-activated by rising flood water and have no dependency on electricity or human intervention to work and protect as designed.

Permanent Floodproofing For Valuable Assets

Once installed, our floodgates provide flood protection permanently. Field tested in harsh outdoor conditions; these flood barrier systems are designed to protect government assets for decades.

FloodBreak has experience working with local, regional, and national governments both inside the United States and abroad.

Project Examples:

airport floodgate
automatic vent shaft flood protection
underground flood barrier
flood wall at courthouse

Notable Project: MTA – NYCT

In 2008, NYCT was looking for a solution to protect subway vents from flash flooding that would overpower pump systems & flood the subway.  FloodBreak designed an innovative flood protection device based on their proven passive floodgate technology that would close automatically during flash floods but remain open during dry times and allow critical airflow to move into the subterranean system. 

Years later when Superstorm Sandy devastated NYC and the NYCT subway system, the MTA again asked FloodBreak to design a similar vent gate system to protect against  coastal storms.  FloodBreak continues to manufacture the custom sized devices that  protect Lower Manhattan and other vulnerable vent openings in other boroughs. Over 1500 units now protect MTA vents.

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