Solutions – Ground Vents

Passive Flood Barriers For Ground Level Vents

Initially designed to protect MTA subway vent shafts from flash flooding, the FloodBreak Vent Shaft System will remain in the open position allowing the free-flow of air to the spaces below until the buoyant vent panels are deployed by floodwaters.

How Our Vent Flood Gates Work - Passive & Automatic

Our passive automatic vent shaft systems sit underneath ground level gratings in the open position until the buoyant vent panels are deployed by floodwater entering the vent bay.

The water will start to fill up the bottom of the device beneath the lower gate. The buoyancy of the panel will force it to rise, rotate on its hinges, and close against the lip angle of the upper vent gate.     

As the water rises further, the buoyancy of the upper gate will force it to rise, rotate, and close the unit to prevent water inundation to spaces below.

The unit will self-clear through a designed weep hole and reopen automatically once the water has cleared to allow airflow to resume.

Field-tested in harsh, outdoor conditions

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