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Permanent Flood Protection For Levee Crossings

FloodBreak’s passive automatic flood barrier system is designed to provide permanent flood protection for levee openings and levee crossings.

These FloodBreak flood barriers do not require human intervention or power to deploy. They offer permanent flood protection, which is especially valuable for remote levee crossings that are difficult for personnel to reach.

Proven Flood Protection That's Built To Last

Miles of levees must be raised to meet FEMA accreditation requirements. FloodBreak’s automatic flood barriers are designed to meet the new levee elevations without raising miles of roadway or rebuilding bridges. And because they lie hidden in the road, they don’t limit driver sight lines that raised roadways would cause.

Rated for HS-25 loading, the barriers are covered with durable material to withstand the demands of high-speed highway traffic.  

levee flood protection
flood barrier under truck

Learn how the IBWC is using FloodBreak Roadway Gates to raise their levees.     

Maintenance is minimal but FloodBreak offers a Flood Ready Certification program for customers who do not have the resources to perform the recommended annual inspection.  With this program, FloodBreak takes responsibility for your installed flood gates and inspects them for you to give you peace of mind that they will deploy and protect as designed. Click here to learn more.

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