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Passive Flood Protection For Multifamily Properties

At FloodBreak, we use our passive automatic flood protection technology combined with our innovative problem solving to create permanent flood proofing solutions for a wide range of multi-family housing & mixed use buildings. We have installations all over the world, each representing a unique set of challenges our team was able to solve.

Flood Barriers With Minimal Disturbance

We understand the importance of maintaining the daily activity of diverse occupants and tenants in these buildings . FloodBreak’s flood barriers provide round-the-clock flood protection without altering the aesthetic or functionality of the surrounding area. 

Our flood barriers lay hidden underground until a flash flood or nuisance flooding occurs. They are designed to integrate with the aesthetics of any multi-family property or mixed-use building, decreasing their visibility to guests and tenants as much as possible. Most people won’t even notice the floodgates are there.

Featured Projects

floodgate at multifamily property
small pedestrian floodgate
NYCHA flood barrier systems

Notable Project: One Kensington Co-Op

One Kensington Gate, a Co-op apartment in Great Neck, NY, lost over 40 vehicles and monthly parking income to a flash flood event that left their entire garage submerged. 

It was the second flood and management decided that enough was enough. They researched solutions and chose a FloodBreak passive automatic floodgate to ensure that their residents’ important assets were protected from future disasters.

Since installation, their flood gate has protected One Kensington’s garage on at least 8 separate occasions. 

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