FloodBreak® Passive Automatic Flood Barriers – No Height Limitation

FloodBreak passive automatic flood barriers can be built to any design flood elevation.

Designed with tension members rather than stanchions or vertical stops, FloodBreak passive floodgates are modular in nature with each section self-supporting. As a result, there is no practical limit to gate height or width.

FloodBreak recently built its largest gate yet, a 50’ x 10.5’ passive automatic flood barrier for a NY customer. During a test, the barrier was successfully deployed without human intervention or power, lifted solely by the rising water. The gate was also raised by an optional lift system that operates independently to facilitate periodic maintenance or other needs for manually lifting.

Assembled in sections Large FlodBreak floodgate successfully tested

Structural calculations were done by an independent engineer to verify that the gate would support the loads it could be subjected to during its useful life.

FloodBreak successfully withstands load test

FloodBreak has built tall flood barriers for many customers.  Barriers can be used in floodwalls, service entrances or to protect pedestrian pathways.

Tall FloodBreak passive automatic barrier being installedpermanent flood protection for large openings
Endicott Winter-3 copyTall FloodBreak flood barrier
JMU-Large FloodBreak automatic floodgate protects campusJMU-Vehicle Gate protecting stadium
ATCII below grade garage protected with tall passive flood barrierAlexandria Tech Center_ Automatic Vehicle Gate on slope-looking out