Passive Flood Barrier Systems Explained

The FloodBreak® flood barrier system deploys automatically to prevent water entry and is activated by the rising floodwater without the aid of any power source, pumps, or people. 

The system is almost invisible and yet will function day or night, even in the worst flood conditions.

The concept is simple – let the water work against itself to automatically float the buoyant aluminum beam and activate the self-sealing rubber gasket. The higher the water rises, the higher the flood barrier is lifted until it reaches full deployment and is held closed by the hydrostatic pressure.

When the water recedes, the flood barrier returns to its recessed location in front of the entryway, allowing vehicle and pedestrian passage to resume.

By making all operations of our flood barrier system passive, we have created a permanent flood control solution that will protect any property or entryway that is susceptible to flooding. This solution requires no people, power, or advanced warning to protect.

Installation is straightforward and maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.  With only its hinge as a moving part, the system can remain unused for years and still function immediately when needed in a flood.

We look forward to working with you on your flood control project in the near future.

Witness The Power Of Passive Firsthand

Field-Tested & Proven Flood Control

FloodBreak’s proven, clean, foolproof operating principle, is unique in the market.

Custom designed to fit your specifications, the FloodBreak passive flood barrier system is the better way to reduce flood damage risk:

  • Passive flood mitigation measures preferred by FEMA
  • Flood barriers that automatically deploy without human intervention or power
  • Flood barriers that remain hidden, blended into the surrounding architecture
  • Long service life with minimal maintenance

FloodBreak flood barrier systems have been protecting vulnerable floodpaths for public institutions and private sector businesses since 2002. They are a permanent flood control solution designed to meet your exact project needs.

No longer do you need to allocate resources – people and money – to train and schedule personnel or find and maintain stored flood barriers. Once the passive mitigation efforts are in place, they will deploy and protect as long as they stay in the ground.

floodgate technical drawing

Applications For Our Flood Barrier Systems

Because each flood barrier is custom-made, its application is wide-ranging. Below are some examples of how our passive flood barrier systems are being used by some of our existing customers. Click on each image to read more about the project, including the number of flood barriers, verified flood saves, and more.

Demonstration Video:

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