FloodBreak Passive Flood Barriers

We design passive flood barrier systems to protect virtually any vulnerable flood path and reduce flood risk.

Permanently installed and nearly invisible, the revolutionary FloodBreak® passive automatic flood barrier system protects vulnerable openings, 24/7, without human intervention or power. Learn more about how it works.

Perimeter Flood Barriers

Shoreline Flood Protection

Vent Flood Protection

Perimeter Flood Barriers

A Custom-Sized Flood Solution

Our passive flood barriers are a highly adaptable solution for floodproofing vulnerable perimeter openings. 

Because we are not limited to a product catalog, we are able to custom-size each flood barrier to fit the exact needs of our customers. 

We categorize our perimeter barriers into 4 sections: Floodwalls, buildings & openings, levee crossings, and ramps & stairwells.

See examples of our passive barriers below. 

Shoreline Flood Protection

Protection For Whole Communities

Shoreline communities are especially susceptible to flood risk.

Traditional flood protection measures for shoreline communities are often limited in scale or protection, but not FloodBreak’s.

Our FreeView flood barriers are built for long continuous runs, making them the perfect floodproofing solutions for waterfront properties. 

See examples of our shoreline barriers below.

Vent Flood Protection

Permanent Flood Protection For Vents

FloodBreak designs flood protection solutions for building vents, whether above or below grade, and ground-level vent shaft openings. These dry floodproofing devices prevent floodwater from inundating customer assets during a flood event but are designed to allow the free flow of air during dry times with minimal airflow disruption. 

See examples of our installations below.

Features Of Our Passive Flood Barriers

Our flood barriers are able to protect against flash flooding better than any alternative because they are permanently installed and activated passively. The barriers are already in place regardless of whether a flash flood occurs or not. There is no preparation necessary for any of our customers. 

Passive activation is the best way to protect against flash floods because it bypasses the need for advanced warning, unlie other flood mitigation measures.

We design and fabricate passive flood barriers. Regardless of application or size, all of our barriers are activated without human intervention or electricity. They are lifted by the hydrostatic pressure of the floodwater itself.

In over 20 years of operation, no FloodBreak flood barrier has ever failed to deploy and protect. We have a 100% flood protection success rate. 

Our passive barriers are not part of a product line. The exact dimensions, lifts, materials, and architectural treating of each barrier is determined on a per-project basis by our engineering team and the needs of our customer.

Our passive flood barriers are the only flood protection solution that give our customers peace of mind that their assets are protected from flooding. Once installed, the gates will provide the highest quality flood protection for decades. 

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