Pedestrian Gate


Pedestrian Flood Gate

The FloodBreak® Pedestrian Gate is a fully-engineered flood control system that automatically blocks pedestrian entrances from flooding.

Passive Flood Barrier System That Preserves Aesthetics

These passive automatic flood barriers provide permanent, 24/7 flood protection for door entrances, stairwells, and pedestrian walkways without human intervention or power.

Designed for long service life, they can be installed outdoors in vestibules or inside building interiors.

 FloodBreak passive automatic gates are designed to protect interior building assets and outdoor walkways from flood inundation. Though the main goal is to protect against flooding, these pedestrian gates can also be designed to preserve the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Many customers consider covering the barrier lid with carpet, tile, granite or other decorative finishes. The coverings, regardless of material, do not impact the passive operation.

Standard aluminum wiper walls can be painted to match surrounding walls, skinned, or replaced with granite cladding, polished concrete or smooth stone surfaces. They can also can be embedded flush with building walls, chamfered, or inset in decorative floodwalls. Read more.(links to architectural treatments).


    passive automatic pedestrian flood barrier

    Protecting pedestrian walkways without impediment

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    Protected under patent US 6,623,209