Roadway Gate


Roadway Flood Gate

The FloodBreak Roadway Flood Gate is a passive automatic flood barrier designed for significant flood loads and heavy use on local roads and highways.

Designed to support HS-25 vehicular loads, it includes durable coating to withstand continuous traffic service and heavy use on roadways.

A Flood Gate Without Size Limitations

Like all FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates, the Roadway Gate has no practical height or length limitation. provides permanent flood control and is hidden underground to allow uninterrupted vehicular traffic until deployed by floodwaters.

Cost Effective Flood Gates That Work

The FloodBreak Roadway Flood Gate is a cost effective solution for communities seeking to extend, raise, or re-certify their levee systems and bring them into compliance with FEMA accreditation criteria. Significantly less costly than raising miles of roadway, it can also accelerate project completion compared to the time it would take to regrade stretches of roadway. Learn how the IBWC (International Boundary & Water Commission) used FloodBreak Roadway Gates to raise miles of levees along the Ro Grande.


    Field-tested in harsh, outdoor conditions

    See why FloodBreak are the Industry leader in flood control.

    Protected under patent US 6,623,209