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Passive Automatic Shoreline Flood Protection

FloodBreak flood barriers are a perfect solution for shorelines and provide permanent protection for coastline communities, waterfront businesses, wastewater treatment plants, and nearby housing.

For shoreline projects, FloodBreak flip-up barriers utilize our passive automatic technology to ensure 24/7 flood protection without people or power and can be designed to meet the emergency preparedness plans of the community.

The FloodBreak Flood Barrier system can be used for a range of applications including pedestrian pathways, parks, sports fields or roadways running alongside the water. Hidden below grade, the system provides passive automatic protection to the flood elevation during flood events but full access for community members during dry times.

No Height Or Length Limitations

Traditional flood protection measures for shoreline communities are often limited in scale or protection. Many are temporary barriers and require posts or stanchions for support and large mobilization efforts to deploy.  

Our automatic flip-up flood barriers are permanently installed and have no height or length limitations. This allows FloodBreak to tackle any unique set of challenges that come with each waterfront  project. 

If you have questions about how our passive flood barriers work or how they can be deployed in your community, contact us here.

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