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Custom Sized Flood Protection Device For Wall Vents     

The FloodBreak Louvered Vent Panel system (FB-VSL) is a passive automatic flood mitigation device that provides 24/7 protection with minimal airflow disruption for vulnerable fan plants, vents, ducts and window openings, whether above or below grade.

Passive Automatic Flood Protection

Like all FloodBreak systems, the VSL deploys automatically without human intervention or power to prevent floodwater intrusion. Fully passive automatic, the seals and mechanisms utilize the same materials and technology that have been in service and field-tested for over a decade, including real-world deployments and long-term exposure in a variety of field conditions.

FloodBreak VSL At London Embassy

How Passive Works

The passive vent gate system is a single or series of buoyant louvered flood panels enclosed within an aluminum box & shelf structure providing protection to the designed flood elevation.

As the floodwater rises, the panels “float” into position, lifted by the water. Wiper seals stop the water from going around the panel edges. Only panels affected by the flood are raised leaving the remaining flood panels open in minor flood events. Once the floodwaters recede, the panels return to the rest position allowing airflow to resume.

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