Why FloodBreak Will Help Protect You From Flooding

FloodBreak passive flood barrier deploys without human intervention or powerFloodBreak is the new standard in flood mitigation. FloodBreak passive flood control systems provide permanent, fully automatic, 24/7, flood protection. Permanently installed and nearly invisible, FloodBreak flood barriers are buoyant aluminum panels that deploy without human intervention or power, lifted by the hydrostatic pressure of the rising floodwaters.
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FloodBreak helps protect in three critical areas:

  • Critical Buildings – FloodBreak will protect hospitals, commercial offices and other essential buildings from flooding that forces evacuation and causes extensive damage.
  • Transportation – FloodBreak can provide permanent, automatic flood protection to subway vent shafts and street level entrances without the need for human intervention or power.
  • Tunnels – FloodBreak automatic floodgates can provide permanent, 24/7 flood protection for major roadway tunnels without having to close them until flooding actually begins.


Why you should include FloodBreak in your solution.

Proven Performance.

Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, NY was protected by 11 FloodBreak flood barriers and remained operational in the September 2011 Irene Flood. Dozens of other deployments have been recorded including locations in the NY tri-state area.
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MD Anderson Cancer Center installed FloodBreak passive floodgates after Tropical Storm Allison devastated Houston including the Texas Medical Center, where active closures failed. They continue to install FloodBreak passive gates on their growing campus nearly 10 years later. Hundreds more have been installed globally. All are certified by an independent engineer.
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Built to Last. 

FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates are designed for decades of service life in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance. FloodBreak Roadway and Vehicle Gates are rated for HS-25 loading so they will withstand continuous heavy duty traffic. The IBWC, a federal agency, has installed 14 gates across roadways, many of which are over 100′ long. Learn about the IBWC Flood Control Project

Vent shaft flood control without disrupting street level activitySubway Experience. 

FloodBreak Vent Shaft Systems can be installed along subway lines prone to street flooding. Securely installed beneath street grates, they have zero impact on street level traffic and will automatically reopen when flooding subsides. Learn more

FloodBreak passive floodgates featured in FEMA Best Practices storyPreferred by FEMA.

FEMA prefers passive mitigation that deploys without human intervention or power compared to active closures which have failed.  FloodBreak has been included in numerous FEMA funded projects and featured in two FEMA Mitigation Best Practices stories.

FloodBreak is proven passive mitigation technologyReady to Protect You Today – Without Advanced Preparation.

FloodBreak is proven flood control technology that can be implemented today. Sea barriers and inflatable plugs might be future solutions but are still unproven. Active measures require personnel training and time to deploy. Mother Nature might not wait.

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