Passive Automatic Flood Barriers

Pioneers of Passive
Flip-up Flood Barriers

Unlike other bottom-hinged barriers or active measures, FloodBreak® passive flood barriers permanently protect people & property 24/7.  With no reliance on people, power, springs, or mechanical assistance to lift the gate, failure points are eliminated. These self-closing, automatic flip-up flood barriers are low maintenance, self-clearing, and don’t require any lubrication to operate when needed months, years, or decades after initial installation.

Creative Problem Solvers

FloodBreak revolutionized flood control by introducing the passive flood barrier to customers back in 2001. Our innovative spirit has continued to this day. With a clear understanding of the raging forces inherent in flood events and systems in service for two decades, and field-tested in harsh, real-world conditions, FloodBreak works with customers to build passive flood control systems that protect them 24/7 without human intervention or power.

Our passive automatic barriers protect hundreds of properties in dozens of countries around the globe. Whatever set of challenges you are facing with your flood protection, our team can help find solutions. 



Lourdes Hospital
Binghampton, NY
Bloomsburg Flood Protection
Bloomsburg, PA
Chateau Beach
Sunny Isles, FL
Brickell City Centre
Miami, FL
Cummins Engine
Columbus IN
Acqualina Resorts & Spa
Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Canutillo, TX
Columbus Regional Hospital
Columbus, IN
Canmore Hospital
Alberta, Canada
One Briarlake
Houston, TX
Longhorn Imports
Arlington, TX
Indianapolis FreeView® Flood Barrier
Indianapolis, IN
Monmouth, NJ
CyRide Bus Depot
Ames, IA
Dallas Love Field
Dallas, TX
Artichoke Joe's Casino
San Bruno, CA
New York City, NY
Manitou Springs
Manitou Springs, CO
NYU Langone
New York City, NY
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX
Tacoma CTP
Tacoma, WA
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Our Passive Flood Control Solutions:

Passive Flood Barriers: Self-Activated Flood Control

FloodBreak was founded on a fundamental yet very simple concept — using the power of rising water against itself to automatically protect structures from flood damage caused by floodwaters. Without human intervention and without power.

There has never been flood damage behind a properly installed FloodBreak-protected entrance.

Active flood control products require human action, a primary cause of avoidable flood damage.  FloodBreak eliminates that problem and the risk posed to people and owned assets.

FEMA states its preference for passive flood mitigation measures because it eliminates human intervention. Passive flood barriers like FloodBreak’s eliminate this requirement and deploy automatically regardless of whether personnel can get there or not. These self-rising flood barriers, unlike traditional flood control measures, permanently mitigate flood risk. 

Moreover, FloodBreak products are designed for long service life with minimal maintenance so they will operate as designed for decades. In addition to vehicular & pedestrian entryways, these flood barriers can be designed to protect vulnerable vent shafts & ducts.

Materials are specified for long-term exposure to harsh, outdoor conditions so they are not prone to corrosion or rust.