Pioneers Of Passive Flood Barriers

FloodBreak was founded in Houston, TX after conventional flood control measures failed to protect the city from Tropical Storm Allison. The flood damage from Allison proved that active flood control measures, no matter how well-built, cannot reliably protect against catastrophic flooding.

With Allison and subsequent flood events, we saw that active flood control measures can fail due to reliance on human intervention.

We Learned Early On That Active Flood Protection Measures Fail

Flooding, particularly flash flooding, happens quickly & unexpectedly, giving little time for preparation and requires quick action to avoid catastrophic damage. In many cases, personnel cannot always safely reach the opening & deploy the flood device in time.

FloodBreak passive automatic flood barriers represent a revolutionary change in traditional flood control measures.

Making A Difference With Passive Protection

Lou Waters: FloodBreak Founder

Lou Waters is known for hard work and determination, driving a history of successful companies. He built FloodBreak into the dominant player in passive flood protection that now has thousands of flood barriers installed in 36 states and 18 different countries around the world. 

In the video below, Lou Waters discusses why he invented the revolutionary passive flood barrier system.

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