NYU Langone Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center is a top 10 ranked hospital in the world with a 7 building campus in NYC along the East River.

In 2012, NYU Langone suffered devastating flood damage from Hurricane Sandy. Over 15 million gallons of water completely submerged the underground portion of the campus. After the horrors of Sandy, NYU Langone’s leadership was determined to never allow such an incidence from occurring ever again.

Passive Flood Barriers Protect Smilo Research Center

  • Designed to support 35kip impact load (enough for a barge)

Insert detail from FEMA showcase

FloodBreak passive automatic flood barriers were selected to protect 4 critical entrances along the FDR Drive including the Energy Building Loading Dock, the primary means of bringing in supplies for the campus

The 4 flood gates , were designed to meet the unique requirements for each opening and all had to meet the SLOSH 2  Coastal  A load requirements( need to cross check the specific wording)

The Energy Building FloodBreak flood barrier  is a true showcase to our innovation and ability to meet the specific needs of our customer – a massive, 50 ft long by 10.8 ft high floodgate. The gate is equipped with a hydraulic ift system to facilitate quick and easy deployment  for emergency preparedness or periodic maintenance. The lift system is total independent from the passive automatic operation so the Loading dock is protected 24/7 without a need for human intervention or power.

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    FloodBreak passive automatic flood gate demo

    NYU LMU Energy Building Flood Gates

    automatic flood barrier in snow
    FloodBreak vehicle flood gate in garage

    The Science Building has two 12’ tall barriers including one that has a built in ADA ramp. 

    Between flood gates at Science & Energy Building is another 12’ flood barrier protecting the Smilow Research Center and this gate was designed to support a 35kip impact load in addition to the Coastal A hydrodynamic load requirement.

    NYU LMU Smilo Flood Gates
    passive automatic pedestrian flood gate

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