Flood Barrier Systems For Commercial Properties

Flood Barriers For Commercial Properties

FloodBreak’s passive automatic flood barriers are designed to protect commercial properties from flooding. We have over two decades of experience creating custom floodproofing solutions that offer permanent protection without inconvenience. 

Commercial properties often experience high foot traffic, high vehicular traffic, or both. Our flood barriers offer the ideal solution for these properties because of their passive activation. In the event of a flood, the barriers will deploy and seal off any vulnerable openings from the flood water. Once the flood water recedes, the barriers will return to their underground position.

This flood barrier system allows commercial properties to maintain daily operations until the last possible second – ensuring that personnel can either evacuate or remain safe behind the barriers.

Despite being designed to be passive, our flood barriers can be equipped with retro lifts if our clients wish to have the ability to deploy them manually. Learn more about the engineering behind our barriers here.

Below are examples of commercial projects:

large passive flood barrier

Permanently Protecting Commercial Property

Unlike other flood protection alternatives, our flip-up flood barriers are permanently installed. Each barrier is designed for decades of service in harsh outdoor conditions and can deploy over and over again to protect from floods. Only minimal maintenance is required to clean the flood barriers after each deployment. There are no size limitations for the protective systems, meaning the barriers can be as large or small as needed for any particular project.

In short, our passive barriers ultimately offer the following benefits for commercial properties: 

They do not impede operations.

They do not require personnel to deploy.

They do not require an external power source. 

They offer permanent protection.

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