Flip Up Flood Barrier

Flip-Up Flood Barriers: A Permanent Flood Control Solution

FloodBreak’s flip-up flood barriers provide permanent flood protection to vehicular and pedestrian entryways without impeding access or movement. Rising floodwater lift the barriers from their underground position until they are fully perpendicular to the ground. Once the flooding has ended these flip-up barriers will float back down until they reach their normal resting position.

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Unlike similar products, FloodBreak barriers do not have size limitations

A fully deployed flip up flood barrier during a tropical storm in Houston.

Flip Up Barriers With No Size Limitations

These barriers do not have any height or length limitations and are custom fabricated to fit the exact dimensions needed for any flood mitigation project. In certain circumstances, these flip-up barriers can also be equipped with manual lifts in the event that personnel want to manually deploy the barriers as an extra precaution. 

The FloodBreak flip-up barrier is able to extend over long areas because they do not rely on stanchions or support beams. This makes them most suitable for riverside properties, large commercial buildings, and protecting crossings in a levee.

The Benefits Of Flip-Up Flood Barriers

There are several benefits of a passive flip-up flood barrier compared to traditional active measures. Those include:

  • No reliance on people or power to deploy & protect
  • Permanently reduces flood risk
  • Permanently protects any vulnerable pedestrian or vehicular opening
  • No training or resources required to deploy
  • No emergency power source needed
  • Lower total cost of ownership

If your property is at risk of flooding, FloodBreak might be the right solution.

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