“It’s structural. It’s incredibly strong, but it lays in the ground. And it’s so simple. It just floats up.”

The FloodBreak® Automatic Floodgate was recently featured in Business Insider.  The media platform interviewed FloodBreak President and Founder, Lou Waters, to discuss how the revolutionary technology protects communities from natural disasters without human intervention.

The Business Insider feature ie entitled: How an automatic floodgate is helping communities against natural disasters

  • The FloodBreak passive automatic  floodgate can work in flash floods and areas that are unprepared for natural disasters.
  • It uses the hydrostatic pressure of the flood water, the gate does not need to be controlled or operated by people.

FloodBreak floodgates were deployed during Hurricane Harvey in Houston saving numerous commercial buildings, hospitals and other assets. Read more.

FloodBreak automatic gates have deployed in dozens of locations including Norfolk VA, Bloomsburg PA, Alexandria VA, Hillside NJ, Great Neck NY, Davenport IA, Solon OH, Dallas TX, Oklahoma City OK, Chicago IL and Houston TX.

Read more about the revolutionary passive technology that deploys the self rising panel without human intervention or power.