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Proven Large-Scale Flood Protection

The Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project is located in northern Indianapolis, IN, along a 3.5 mile reach of the White River. Designed by the USACE, Louisville District and sponsored by the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works, the project will provide flood damage reduction for approximately 1,500 residential and commercial structures. 

The project sought to provide maximum flood protection without negatively impacting pedestrian accessibility or impeding the view of the riverbank. The FloodBreak FreeView flood barrier, which is designed to be self-supporting without height or length limitations, was the perfect solution.

Two FloodBreak flood barriers totaling 663’ are included in the project and add 4’ flood height protection.

Both barriers were tested by USACE, a requirement of their Levee Safety Evaluation Report and part of the submission package sent to FEMA for accreditation.

A float test was conducted on September 14, 2021. During the test, residents came out to watch our barrier in action. They were amazed when they saw the ease in which the barrier floated up with the rising water.

Upon completion, FEMA will issue a LOMR to modify Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the National Flood Insurance Program. This modification will potentially decrease the insurance rates of all the residents currently living within the floodplain.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to interact with the very people our passive flood barriers protect.

See a recap of this historic float test in the video below. 

Watch The 605 Ft Barrier Float Up

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Permanently Reducing Flood Risk Without Disturbance

FloodBreak passive flood barrier systems reduce flood risk for people, structures, infrastructure, and the environment behind levees. Our system can be used as a passive floodwall, a closure structure in the levee system, or a levee extension across roadways.

Our barriers lay hidden underground until a flood event occurs. This allows for community access and views to be unaffected during dry times so that people can enjoy the waterfront and surrounding environment without disturbance.

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