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Levees & Waterfronts

Governments and communities trust FloodBreak to design flood barrier systems for levees or long length protection along waterfronts.  These passive automatic systems are permanently installed but remain hidden, flush with surrounding grade, until automatically deployed by rising water to provide protection to the design flood elevation. 

The unique modular design allows for long length protection without stanchions or vertical stops providing the local community with full access and unblocked water views.

The barriers support HS-25 vehicular loads and can be used to extend levees across roadways.

We have worked with a range of government agencies and local municipalities to ensure that similar waterfront properties are flood proofed by the highest quality flood protection system available.

Project Examples:

fort wayne levee

Notable Project: Indianapolis White River FreeView

In 2018, we partnered with the USACE Louisville District & the City of Indianapolis to design two flood barriers to protect 700’ of levee along the White River without blocking local resident access or views. The FloodBreak FreeView flood barrier system was installed including a 605’ long x 4’ high section, and custom-designed to anchor to the USACE designed levee. 

Click here for more information about our FreeView Flood Barriers.

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