Major Deployments

FloodBreak automatic floodgates are the flood barrier of choice for flood mitigation projects, large and small. FloodBreak has been providing 24/7 passive flood control to public agencies, institutions and private sector businesses across the U.S. since 2001. Contact us today to find out how FloodBreak passive floodgates can fit into your flood mitigation project and provide around the clock flood protection without human intervention or power.

 Featured Deployments

  • Lourdes Hospital – Binghamton, NY.  A FEMA-sponsored installation enabled Lourdes to remain fully operational despite the historic September 2011 flood.         [grandflv id=1840 w=520 h=304 autoplay=false]
  • Bayshore Medical Center – Pasadena, TX. Following severe flooding, a FloodBreak passive floodgate system was installed in 2007 and allowed Bayshore to remain fully operational during  flooding in 2008.
  • Union-Endicott High School – Binghamton, NY. The school was completely shut down by flooding in 2007 but a self-funded installation of FloodBreak automatic floodgates and an 11′ floodwall helped protect them in the September 2011 floods.
  • Route 22 Honda – Hillside, NJ.  After shutting down for flood-related repairs in 2007, Route 22 installed a FloodBreak passive floodgate system and saved numerous vehicles from 2009 flooding.
  • Kensington Gate Cooperative – Great Neck, NY. The underground parking garage was prone to flooding until a FloodBreak automatic floodgate was installed and provided 24/7 flood protection. It has deployed at least 5 times since installation.
  • Nestle – Solon, OH.  On at least three occasions, the FloodBreak Vehicle Gate has automatically deployed and protected the facility from street flooding.
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union – Alexandria, VA.  Local flooding caused the FloodBreak Vehicle Gate to deploy 18″ before returning to it’s recessed position beneath the garage entrance.
Other Major Flood Mitigation Projects
  • IBWC Rio Grande Flood Control Project – TX. FloodBreak is providing multiple roadway floodgates as part of the Levee Rehabilitation in the Upper & Lower Rio Grande Valley, helping bring the levees into compliance with FEMA accreditation.
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, TX.  In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison, MD Anderson undertook a  flood mitigation project that included a floodwall and 25 passive floodgates from FloodBreak.
  • Columbus Regional Hospital – Columbus, IN. An unprecedented flash flood caused severe flood damage and forced evacuation of the hospital in 2008. A FEMA funded floodwall with 13 passive FloodBreak floodgates was installed to protect the hospital from future flood events.
  • University of Colorado – Boulder, CO.  Frequent flash flooding has created the need to install automatic floodgates from FloodBreak at numerous locations across the campus. FloodBreak gates were selected because they are passive which means they don’t need human intervention to deploy, and they remain hidden unless flooding occurs.