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The Overland: Floodproofing A Mixed-Use Property In Denver

Many people know Denver as the “Mile High City”, but few know that a portion of the city’s urban center is at risk of flooding. Poor drainage, low street levels, and heavy precipitation during the winter and spring has made flood protection a necessity for some areas.

One of those areas is South Broadway, a historically industrial section of Denver that has recently undergone a commercial transformation. Often referred to as “SoBo”, this neighborhood is now bustling with local breweries, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants.

The Overland is a recently constructed multi-million-dollar apartment complex in SoBo, built on the site of a former industrial building.

This new development sits in a floodplain and is therefore required to enact flood protection measures that are compliant with FEMA and The City Of Denver’s flood protection regulations. The flood protection requirements for new commercial developments can be referenced here.

Photo taken during a float test at The Overland apartments in Denver, CO

Flood Protection That Doesn’t Slow Down Active Lifestyles

The flood protection requirements were clear. The challenge was finding a solution that was practical for a bustling mixed-use building with a range of active residents. Measures chosen must allow for 24/7 pedestrian access for residents and their guests.

FloodBreak’s passive automatic flood barriers provide permanent flood protection without restricting resident’s activity. FloodBreak barriers remain hidden underground until a flood event occurs, at which point the buoyant barrier lid “floats up”, lifted solely by the flood water to prevent flood inundation. They are permanently installed and provide 24/7 flood protection without people, power, or advanced warning.

Five flood barriers were installed at The Overland, protecting vulnerable pedestrian openings yet still providing full access during dry times.

After installation, all barriers underwent a float test to meet the City of Denver’s requirements. All 5 barriers successfully passed and operated as designed.

Witness The Power Of Passive Firsthand

Permanent Flood Protection. Minimal Disturbance.

The Overland is one of the many multi-family and mixed-use properties protected by FloodBreak. Owners know their assets are protected against flash flooding, and residents are not bothered or encumbered by the flood barriers in any way.

In fact, some might not even know the barriers are there…

Maximum flood protection with minimal disturbance. That’s one of the many benefits of FloodBreak’s passive flood protection.

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