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Permanent Flood Protection For Critical Infrastructure

Communities and businesses depend on functioning infrastructure to survive. Ensuring that critical facilities, such as wastewater treatment plants, substations, and power plants, are protected from flood inundation is a top priority. At FloodBreak, we understand the challenges that go with floodproofing these critical structures. 

Often these structures are located outside of dense urban areas and are difficult to reach in the event of a flood. Our passive automatic technology eliminates the need for onsite personnel to travel under potentially hazardous conditions to activate conventional flood control measures. Instead, our floodgates utilize passive automatic technology to deploy and protect, even without people or power.

Once installed, our floodgates provide permanent, 24/7 flood protection.

We have worked with water & energy facilities around the world to provide permanent, foolproof flood protection. Not only does it keep critical infrastructure safe, but it allows communities to continue as usual without important service interruption. At FloodBreak, we take that responsibility seriously.

Protecting Critical Facilities from Flooding

FloodBreak gate protecting Treatment Plant in IA

Water & Wastewater Projects:

floodgate ate Richardson Treatment Plant

Energy Projects:

Notable Project: Tacoma Central Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant in Tacoma, WA is located on Puyallup River on the westside of the city. On average, the city gets 40 inches of rain a year, with some instances of 4+ inches of rain in a single day. As a result, the Puyallup river regularly overflows into the city. 

Recognizing the risk, the city of Tacoma selected FloodBreak automatic floodgates as closures in their perimeter protection to ensure that the city’s wastewater treatment plant was protected from these flooding events.

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