The Winslowe Residential Community

Goleta, CA

The Winslowe is a 175-unit mixed-use property in Goleta, CA. The new development is mostly composed of all solar-powered townhomes ranging from 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms in size. Construction started in 2015 concluded in 2020.

Flood protection measures were required be in place before development could be approved by the Goleta City Council. Parts of the municipality are located within a floodplain.

3 FloodBreak barriers were installed at various vehicular entryways to the residential complex. Each barrier is fitted for HS-25 loading and is unaffected by cars, trucks, or other heavy vehicles.

Stantec designed in FloodBreak for the project. The developers wanted a flood mitigation solution that would allow for 24/7 access community access with now slowdown in daily activities.

The advantages of passive flood protection are especially beneficial to large residential communities like The Winslowe. FloodBreak passive flood barriers lay dormant underground until an actual flood event occurs. This allows for residents to retain constant access to the property. Once the floodwater begins to rise, so do our barriers, which float up and seal off the entryways they are protecting.

Installation of our 30′ long flood barrier at the main vehicular entryway to the mixed-use property.

8′-0″ x 3′-2″ barrier at opening in floodwall.

Flood Protection That Doesn’t Slow Down Active Lifestyles

This activation does not require any human intervention or power. Residents and facility personnel do not need to devote and time or energy that active measures like flood planks or logs necessitate. Even if the Winslowe loses power during the flood, the flood barriers will still deploy.

When the flood event ends, the passive flood barriers return underground. Normal life can resume quickly and with minimal preparation or clean up.

Passive flood protection bypasses the potential risks associated with active measures. Human intervention is accompanied by the associated risk of mistake or error. These mistakes could prove devastating and fatal.

A  5′-0″ x 3′-9″ pedestrian entryway leading to South Kellogg Avenue.

Post-installation photo of main entryway to the Winslow.

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