Zoo Creek Drainage Improvements Project

Large Passive Flood Barriers At Zoo Creek

Location: Fort Worth, TX

The Fort Worth Zoo Creek Drainage Improvements project was a $3 million project approved by the City of Forth Worth to improve drainage in and around the southern portion of Zoo Creek within Forest Park.  The proposed drainage improvements will detain stormwater in the park for short periods, which will provide immediate downstream flood mitigation benefits and facilitate future upstream storm drainage improvements

Forest Park is one of the city’s most popular parks and is the location of the Fort Worth Zoo, Forest Park Swimming Pool, and Log Cabin Village.  It has been part of the city’s fabric since 1910. Unfortunately, it is located in a floodplain along the south side of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.

FloodBreak Protects Fort Worth Zoo Supply Depot

A large 20’ x 12’ FloodBreak passive automatic flood barrier was installed at a vehicular entrance where vehicles carrying animal food and supplies enter from, making it critically important to the zoo’s daily operations. This particular entryway is an opening in a detention wall that was built as part of the larger drainage improvements project.

Our passive flood barrier serves as a closure in this detention wall and provides 24/7 flood protection while allowing full access during sunny day conditions.

In the event that the creek overflows, the floodwater will automatically deploy this barrier, sealing off the entryway in the detention wall. When the flood waters recede, the barrier will automatically return to its hidden, underground position. Normal vehicular and pedestrian traffic may resume immediately.

Passive activation allows for personnel to divert attention elsewhere in case of a flood. FloodBreak barriers do not require power, human intervention, or staff training to deploy. They offer permanent flood protection and are custom designed to fit the exact needs of each one of our customers.

To learn more about Forest Park, please click here.

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