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24/7 Flood protection. Almost invisible.

Flood protection shouldn’t come at the expense of a building’s functionality or aesthetics. That’s why many of our flood barrier systems are designed with architectural treatments to make them virtually unnoticeable to the public. 

The barrier’s surface can be matched to existing decorative elements as required, including tenant finishes such as carpet, tile, granite, or special decorative flooring and wall surfaces.

Wiper walls, integral to the passive operation of our flood barrier systems, can be painted, skinned or even replaced by smooth surface materials like granite cladding or polished stone. 



A good example is Rosenberg Library in Galveston TX where two tall passive automatic flood barriers are hidden beneath vestibule carpet and use the polished concrete walls for the sealing surface. These architectural treatments have no effect on the passive automatic operation of our flood gates. They will deploy and protect assets as designed in flood conditions yet remain virtually invisible during dry times.

 Read about this historic building post Hurricane Ike.  It is a FEMA Mitigation Best Practices story. 

Featured Project: Rosenberg Library

More Examples

The following flood gates have all been treated using different materials to ensure the public is not disturbed by the presence of flood control measures. 

Our flood gates are able to be interiorly treated in high foot traffic areas, like our gates inside the Warriewood Mall in Australia. The wiper walls were treated with glass and the flood gate’s surface with tile. Despite the gate’s existence, most mall attendees walk right over it without ever knowing it was there.

This is how FloodBreak provides maximum flood protection without obstruction or impediment. 

slimline flood gates protect shallow openings

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