Architectural Treatments

FloodBreak passive flood barriers can be covered with architectural treatments to make the system virtually invisible and match your design. It’s the best of all worlds – permanent flood protection that’s almost entirely hidden.
FloodBreak flood barriers can be covered with tile to match flooringFloodBreak flood barrier covered to match stoneworkFloodBreak pedestrian floodgate is covered with brick

FloodBreak flood barriers can be hidden beneath carpetFloodBreak flood barrier in vestibule covered with carpetThe FloodBreak Automatic Floodgate can be covered with indoor or outdoor tile, pavers, carpet or painted to match existing architectural features.

The wiper walls can be painted, skinned with stainless steel or you can use the building walls if they are clad with smooth stone like granite.
FloodBreak passive flood barrier hidden in hospital vestibuleFloodBreak flood barriers can use smooth stone like granite for wiper wallsFloodBreak flood barrier uses granite clad building wallsFloodBreak flood barriers can be almost invisibleFloodBreak flood barriers can be covered to match flooringFloodBreak flood barriers can be designed into architectural walls

Featured Project: Rosenberg Library, Galveston TX

Two tall passive flood barriers are hidden beneath vestibule carpet and use polished concrete for wiperwalls.  Read about this historic building post Hurricane Ike.

passive automatic flood barrier hidden beneath vestibule carpethistoric library protected by passive automatic flood barriers


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