FreeView™ Flood Barriers

Innovative waterfront flood protection solution

The FloodBreak® FreeView™ Flood Barrier System is an innovative flood control product that provides permanent passive protection along coastlines, rivers, levees or lakes without blocking views or limiting community access to the water.

Long linear flood barrier systems without stanchions or support posts.

This 605′ x 4′ barrier provides the necessary protection height to meet levee elevation requirements without blocking the view or access for residents and eliminating the need for the City to mobilize for emergency preparedness. With no intermediate support posts, it can serve as a wal or bike path during dry times.

Versatile product suitable for multiple applications:
  • Levee or Dam Topper
  • Riverfronts
  • Boardwalks
  • Seawalls

No human intervention or power

Like all FloodBreak passive automatic flood barrier systems, FreeView flood barriers provide permanent, 24/7 flood protection while remaining hidden below ground or cantilevered over the water until an actual flood event.
Rising water lifts the buoyant panel in the same manner FloodBreak automatic flood gates deploy.  When the water recedes,  the self draining and self retracting passive barrier returns to its rest position.

Floodbreak's FreeView flood barrier walls provide permanent flood protection

  Floodbreak provide Flood protection for vulnerable coastlines

Designed for long continuous runs

Our FreeView Flood System Barriers are not limited to small projects.

Modular in nature and self supporting with tension members rather than stanchions or vertical stops, the FloodBreak FreeView Barrier System is ideal for long continuous runs on levees, dams, boardwalks, riverwalks, seawalls or any waterfront path.

For example, the FreeView Levee Topper is a smart solution for levee owners who must raise their levee for FEMA accreditation. Read more about the FreeView Levee Topper (FVLT).

floodgate Design for levee

Embedded in levee, dam or walkway

Protect coastline assets from flooding

Cantilevered over the water’s edge

The system sits on a structural space frame within a formed in place concrete pan recessed in the levee, dam or walkway and mounts to a structural footing to support hydrostatic loads.

Drains on the water side facilitate deployment and drainage as the water recedes. If needed, drainage can be routed through the system bottom.

FreeView barriers can also be cantilevered over the water’s edge with loads transferred to a pier structure.

FreeView Flood Barrier Details:

  • Materials are specified for long-term exposure to outdoor, extreme conditions.
  • The systems are low maintenance, highly durable, not prone to corrosion, and easy to clean and inspect.
  • Maintenance can be handled by one or two man crews.
  • Designed to withstand impact from floating debris with a factor of safety.

Is your community at risk? Click here to see risk zone map for flooding in the United States.

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