FloodBreak presents solution to raise levees for FEMA accreditation at FMA Conference

FloodBreak participated with levee experts at the 2013 FMA Annual Conference to discuss an innovative approach used by the IBWC to raise their levees to meet new flood elevations. The title of the presentation was “Raise Levees for FEMA Accreditation Without Raising Roadways or Bridges – An Innovative Approach and Case Study”

An innovative and potentially less costly alternative is the use of passive flood barriers that extend across roadways and connect the levee at the new elevation requirement. These flood barriers are permanently installed beneath the roadway to allow continuous traffic service and are raised during flood events without human intervention or power to protect the dry/landward side.

Raise Levees Without Raising Bridges

FloodBreak® Roadway Gates are a cost effective way to raise levees that must extend across roads and highways to meet FEMA accreditation requirements.

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Roadway Gates Help IBWC Meet FEMA Levee Criteria

FloodBreak® passive flood barriers were installed as part of the IBWC Levee Flood Control project to raise those levees for FEMA accreditation.

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