Permanent Passive Flood Protection with Curb Appeal

FloodBreak passive automatic flood barriers provide the best of all worlds: permanent flood protection, full building access and architectural integration.

Many customers have chosen to use granite cladding, marble, stained & polished concrete or custom paint color instead of standard wiper walls. Any smooth surface can be used. Some have also covered the barriers with carpet, tile or pavers to further blend the embedded passive floodgate with the surrounding architectural features. Seen below are new installations at Crossway Publishing in Wheaton, IL & the LTA in Singapore along with long time FloodBreak customers.
architectural featuresarchitecturally blended wiper walls

architecturally blended passive flood barreirLTA Singapore tile covered flood barrier

passive flood barrier with polished concrete wiper wallpassive flood barrier with polished stone walls

passie flood barrier with granite wiper wallstile covered FloodBreak flood gate