Are there size limitations to your flood barriers?

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Are there any limits to how high and wide you can build your floodgates?
FloodBreak floodgates are designed with tension members rather than stanchions or vertical stops and are modular in nature. FloodBreak Gates are custom designed – there are no practical limits in height or width. FloodBreak can provide custom-engineered solutions for any floodway problem.

What is the tallest floodgate ever installed?
The tallest installed FloodBreak flood barrier to date is 10 feet tall, and taller gates are currently being designed. We have over 20+ floodgates that are over 6 feet in height.

What is the widest gate ever installed?
The widest FloodBreak floodgate installed to date is 112 feet wide but we have built one that is 300 feet wide.  In fact there are a dozen FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates currently installed that are over 5o feet wide. Because the system is built in panels that are each self-supporting, there is no practical limit to width.

Can we put the floodgate on an incline/decline?
Absolutely. Placing the FloodBreak gate on an incline or decline has no negative bearing on the function of the gate.

Can we put the floodgate on the side of a hill?
Yes, in most cases. We have installed floodgates on minor inclines and in cambered roadways. The geometry of an installation almost never prohibits use of our system. Off-camber solutions are designed on a case by case basis.

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