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Perimeter Passive Flood Barriers

FloodBreak protects your assets from flood devastation. With no practical length or height limitation and engineered to withstand extreme hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loading, the FloodBreak passive barrier system can be designed to protect critical routes of ingress and egress in buildings, parking lots, driveways, loading docks, or openings in perimeter floodwalls and levees.  With FloodBreak, your vulnerable perimeter openings are always protected. 

Barriers That Offer Permanent Flood Protection

FloodBreak passive automatic flood barrier systems are designed to provide permanent flood protection without human intervention or power. In the event of a flash flood or other unforeseen flood emergencies, FloodBreak automatic flood gates self-activate to deploy and protect your valuable assets.

Our Perimeter Solutions:

Protection Against Low Level Flooding

The FloodBreak flood barrier system is extremely versatile and can be designed to virtually any height requirement. We have engineered low profile flood barriers that are designed for vehicular openings and perimeter closures requiring limited height protection. The Slimline automatic flood gate system operates like all FloodBreak systems and provides permanent flood protection, 24/7. 

This innovative system also has a very shallow set-down making it less likely to encounter utility conflicts during installation.  It comes in two protection heights, 25 cm and 50 cm. Send us a message to see if this is the right floodproofing solution for your property. 

Witness The Power of Passive.

Maximum Protection, Minimal Maintenance

 All FloodBreak automatic flood gates are designed for long service life with minimal maintenance. Materials are specified for long-term exposure to outdoor, industrial conditions. The units are highly durable, not prone to corrosion, and easy to clean and inspect. 

With FloodBreak passive automatic barriers systems, busy perimeter openings do not have to be shut down for extended periods of time to perform preventative maintenance or to conduct emergency preparedness drills and training. The inspection can be performed by a small crew in a quick and efficient manner.  Our innovative design means you can bypass the stress and hassle that maintenance of traditional flood protection requires.

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