Solutions – Floodwalls

Passive Protection in Floodwalls

Often the flood mitigation plan is to build a perimeter floodwall or berm around the facility requiring floodproofing. FloodBreak automatic flood barriers are the perfect solution to protect the openings in the floodwall necessary to facilitate pedestrian and vehicular access. The passive automatic flood barriers lie hidden in front of those openings during dry times but automatically deploy when flooding threatens.  The buoyant flood barrier lid will be lifted by the rising floodwater and the self-activating gaskets will seal against the walls to prevent flood inundation. 

Many hospitals are designed with perimeter floodwalls and install FloodBreak automatic floodgates as the closure device. This allows them to close off less critical openings in advance of a possible flood event but leaves essential access open for patients and staff. 

You can read more about two hospitals with floodwalls and FloodBreak passive automatic flood gates that are FEMA Mitigation Best Practices stories.

FloodBreak Gates as Floodwall Closures:

passive automatic floodwall
residential floodwall
large floodwall at JMU

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