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Passive Flood Barriers For Buildings & Garages

FloodBreak passive flood gates are fully engineered systems that automatically protect pedestrian doorways, vehicle entrances and other building openings from flood damage. With no limitation on length nor height, FloodBreak flood gates can be installed to protect virtually any vulnerable opening.

FloodBreak systems utilize passive automatic technology, the floodproofing method preferred by FEMA because it eliminates human intervention.

flood barrier outside hospital
passive automatic pedestrian flood barrier
small pedestrian floodgate at school

Maximum Protection With Minimal Disruption

We understand the importance of maintaining full access to your facility and the disruption closures cause in high traffic areas. Unlike traditional flood protection devices, our flood barriers lay dormant underground until an actual flood event occurs allowing for unimpeded foot and vehicular traffic in and out of your building. 

In addition, FloodBreak flood gates can be lifted manually for emergency preparedness if you needed.

Passive Flood Protection That Preserve Aesthetics

Though the main goal is to protect against flood damage, our passive automatic flood gates can be custom designed to preserve the aesthetics of your building or surrounding areas. Many of our customers treat their flood barriers with carpet, tile, granite, or other decorative finishes. 

These coverings, regardless of material, do not impact the passive operation or damage the efficacy of our automatic flood gates.

automatic floodgate at CU Boulder
small passive automatic flood barrier
floodgate outside security clearence

Does your site require flood gates that integrate architecturally with the surrounding area? If so, contact FloodBreak about the specific needs of your project and see how we can help.

For decades, FloodBreak has helped hundreds of customers floodproof their valuable assets. To see our previous projects, click here.

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