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Flood protection shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality or aesthetics. That’s why we offer architectural treatments as an option with our flood barriers to match the surrounding area. Doing so allows us to ensure your property is permanently protected without the negative visual effect of traditional flood protection measures. Because our gates lay underground, treating them means that most people won’t even notice they are there. 

We prioritize providing the highest quality flood protection while being as minimally invasive as possible.  Both the wiper walls and the barrier itself can be treated. Common materials include stone, glass, tile, granite, and more.

Architecturally treating our passive flood barriers has zero impact on their ability to flip up and protect in the event of a flood. Our floodgate design allows for this cosmetic treatment to take place without any negative performance effects.

Architecturally Treated Project Examples:

passive automatic flood barrier inside building
underground flood barrier
automatic flood barrier on driveway
automatic floodgate protects art museum
marble floodgate
flood barrier
automatic floodgate

Interested To See The Benefits of Passive Flood Protection?

Notable Project: Rosenberg Public Library

The Rosenberg Library is the oldest public library in Texas in continuous operation. During Hurricane Ike, the library suffered devastating water damage. 

FloodBreak’s passive flood barriers now protect this historic building from the potential danger of future flash flooding. 

Learn how by clicking here.

More Treatment Examples

Many FloodBreak flood gates have been designed using different materials to help architecturally integrate the flood hazard mitigation measures. 

Our flood gates can be covered with tile or other materials in high foot traffic areas, like our floodgates inside the Warriewood Mall in Australia. The wiper walls for one of the barriers were replaced and used the storefront window glass to provide a sealing surface while still allowing shoppers an unobstructed view of the store. Most mall visitors walk right over the gate without knowing it is there.

This is one example of how FloodBreak provides maximum flood protection without obstruction or impediment.

flood barrier outside door
long vehicle floodgate
automatic floodgate
md anderson flood barrier
glass floodgate
automatic flood barrier
passive automatic floodgate near stairs
floodgate inside building
automatic floodgate under carpet

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