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Permanent Residential Flood Barrier Protection

For many, their home is their most valuable asset. Even if a home or residential community is located outside of a flood map, it can still be at risk of flooding. FloodBreak uses our industry-leading technology and past experience to make sure these homes and communities are safe from the potential devastation caused by flooding.

When it comes to a home, quality and assurance matter. In nearly 20 years of active field installations, not a single properly installed FloodBreak flood barrier has failed to activate and protect. That’s because our flood barriers utilize passive automatic technology, bypassing the need for human intervention or power to deploy properly.

We protect several at-risk communities and a number of individual residences in multiple markets including Houston, Chicago, Palm Beach and the NY tri-state area.

Residential Communities:

Private Residences:

small residential floodgate
large residential floodgate

Notable Project: Houston Residence

Our passive flood barriers at the Gage Court private residence in Houston deployed during Hurricane Harvey and protected the home from flood inundation. 

To speak with us about we can help provide your home or community with the flood proofing that FEMA recommends, click here.

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